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Krystina Ostermeyer
Krystina Ostermeyer
January 7, 2019
There are several types of bladder cancer treatment. Common treatment options include radiation, chemo, surgery, immunotherapy, and intravesical therapy.

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Explaining Cancer to a Child

How Do You Explain Cancer to Your Children?

A cancer diagnosis has a profound impact on the entire family and explaining cancer to a child can be difficult and scary, but these tips can help.
by Eric Patterson and Amy Manley on May 10, 2018
Liver Cancer Recurrence

What Happens When the Liver Cancer Comes Back?

Liver cancer remission can last for years, but liver cancer recurrence can bring your new routine to a screeching halt. Here's how to combat recurrence.
by Angela Finlay on March 7, 2018
Medicare Cancer Coverage

Navigating Medicare’s Coverage for Cancer Patients

It’s natural for people new to Medicare to feel concern about the coverage of cancer. Learn more here about Medicare cancer coverage.
by Danielle Kunkle on September 28, 2017
Kidney Cancer Pain

How to Cope and Manage Kidney Cancer Pain

Kidney cancer pain is treatable and the majority of patients get relief using different treatments, therapies, or a combination.
by Lana Barhum on July 20, 2017
ovarian cancer fatigue

Ovarian Cancer Fatigue: Why It Happens and How to Cope

By learning more about the ovarian cancer fatigue, you can better understand your condition and get the help you need to restore your quality of life.
by Lana Barhum on April 28, 2017
Living With Liver Cancer

How to Cope With Four Difficult Liver Cancer Symptoms

Coping with any chronic illness can be difficult. Living with liver cancer? Wow — it can be difficult. Read on to learn some tips for coping.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on April 20, 2017
Coping With Liver Cancer

Coping With Liver Cancer: Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Coping with liver cancer can be difficult, but there are a few ways to combat the physical, mental, and emotional effects on cancer.
by Eric Patterson on January 10, 2017
Cancer and Depression

How to Cope With Cancer and Depression

Cancer impacts you physically, but its influence on mental health can be just as detrimental. Learn how to cope with cancer and depression.
by Eric Patterson on January 10, 2017
Kidney Cancer and Hair Loss

Hair Loss, Self Esteem, and You: Coping With Losing Your Hair

Hair loss is typically not a side effect of cancer, it is a side effect of certain cancer treatments. Learn more about kidney cancer and hair loss here.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on December 14, 2016
Ovarian Cancer and Hair Loss

How to Prepare for Losing Your Hair During Ovarian Cancer Treatment

As if the physical hardships linked to cancer were not enough, you also have to manage the psychological ones, like ovarian cancer and hair loss.
by Eric Patterson on November 7, 2016
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