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Justin Birckbichler
Justin Birckbichler
April 24, 2019
Finding your new "normal" after cancer can be difficult. Justin offer's his life after testicular cancer advice to help you get back on track.

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Ovarian Cancer and Hair Loss

How to Prepare for Losing Your Hair During Ovarian Cancer Treatment

As if the physical hardships linked to cancer were not enough, you also have to manage the psychological ones, like ovarian cancer and hair loss.
by Eric Patterson on November 7, 2016
Ovarian Cancer Menopause

Coping With Menopause After an Ovarian Cancer Hysterectomy

Dealing with the symptoms of menopause isn’t fun — especially if you aren’t at a menopausal age. Learn how to cope with ovarian cancer menopause.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on October 3, 2016
Infographic liver cancer spoon theory infographic

Using the Spoon Theory to Explain Cancer

If you live with chronic illness, explaining your condition can be tough. The spoon theory was created to do just that, and has since become so much more.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on March 7, 2016
Relaxation Techniques for Cancer Patients

8 Healthy Ways to Relax When You Have Cancer

Living with cancer isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not relaxing. These relaxation techniques for cancer patients will help calm your stress and anxiety.
by Angela Finlay on January 26, 2016
Cancer Journaling

Can Journaling Benefit Those With Cancer?

Some cancer patients have discovered that journaling helps them cope better emotionally. Read on to find out the benefits of cancer journaling here.
by Patricia Bratianu on February 11, 2015
Liver Cancer and Hair Loss

How to Cope With Liver Cancer-Related Hair Loss

Coping with liver cancer and hair loss depends on your view of yourself with hair and the support you have from family and friends.
by Yvonne Banks on January 7, 2015
Stress and Cancer

How to Prevent and Manage Cancer-Related Stress

By learning more about the relationship between stress and cancer, you can better understand why reducing your stress levels is vital.
by Amy Manley and Eric Patterson on December 29, 2014
Ovarian Cancer and Fertility

How Ovarian Cancer Treatment Affects Fertility

Are you a woman who has questions about ovarian cancer and fertility? Read on to learn more about how treatment affects fertility and next steps.
by Yvonne Banks on December 22, 2014
Coping With Cancer During the Holidays

Tips for Coping With Cancer During the Holidays

Coping with cancer during the holidays is a challenge, as cancer may force you to change traditions. These tips can help you cope with this holiday.
by Angela Finlay and Yvonne Banks on December 10, 2014
cancer and anger

How to Cope With Anger During Cancer

Recent studies suggest a link between cancer and anger, especially surrounding the news of a diagnosis and prognosis. Learn how to cope with anger here.
by Eric Patterson on December 3, 2014