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Alison Richards, Author at New Life Outlook

About Alison

Ali Richards is a keen traveler, Vespa scooter rider and street art fan who lives on the south coast of England with her husband and two sons. As well as being an IT professional she enjoys writing about various aspects of her life, which now includes breast cancer. She is looking forward to planning new adventures with her family for when the treatment phase is over.

Alison's Work

Woman Suffering From Breast Pain

Six Signs of Breast Cancer You Should Be Aware Of

It’s vital to know these six breast cancer symptoms so that you can seek medical help if you suspect anything could be wrong.
by Alison Richards on March 11, 2019
breast cancer diagnosis

The Process of Receiving a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can be extremely stressful. In this article, a recent patient explains her diagnosis process, and how she coped.
by Alison Richards on October 31, 2018