Using the Spoon Theory to Explain Cancer


Understanding the Spoon Theory

For the scores of people around the world living with illness, explaining their condition to others can be a difficult task. What if they don’t understand or judge?

Luckily, the spoon theory can help you explain what it’s like living with cancer in a way that makes people understand. Using simple pieces of cutlery to describe a complex illness may seem trivial, but chronic illness sufferers all around the world have found it incredibly useful.

In fact, the spoon theory now has a following of people who refer to themselves as “Spoonies.” They connect with each other online and share their experiences with illness.

Learn more about the spoon theory below, then get out there and join the conversation!

Liver Cancer and Spoon Theory infographic

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NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
Mar 7, 2016
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